Thursday, May 8, 2008

San Diego Bay on a sunny day!

These were taken a few weeks ago when my family was in town. We took the ferry to Coronado Island... one of my favorite nooks in San Diego! Sailing on the Bay is very relaxing!


Dumdad said...

I've enjoyed looking through your great photos. I see you're staying longer over there. I can't say I blame you it looks fab.

The weather in Paris is wonderful at the moment - sunny and hot. And it's another public holiday on Monday...

Soulamouse said...

HI Leesa,
thank you for stopping by. Yep, I was checking this blog too, the pictures of sun, sea and amazing cheesecakes made me long after this place in the world...:))))
A propos de luggage...:) twice we got the biggest size luggage in Walmart for about $40. It was the ultimate storage:)
That Mexican fiesta picnic sounds awesome:) and it is great you know where is your corazon:))))
Have a great flight