Monday, August 31, 2009

Viking River Cruises

     How many of you out there has ever been on a "cruise?"  I have never done it myself, but over the past few years, the idea of taking a cruise has become a very appealing one to me!  I have several friends here in Paris who have been on several different European cruises, and they all come back and talk about how wonderful the experience was!  I sold!!!
     So, I searched the internet and found this company, Viking River Cruises who offer a wide variety of cruises throughout Europe and even in Egypt, China, and Russia!!  Here's their link, Viking River Cruises, and you can check it out and see what they have to offer.  They have so many choices listed on their website that it's really hard to decide!  One that I would really love to take is a cruise along the Danube!  It sounds so enchanting, so relaxing and such a great way to see the sights and scenes of different countries and cultures!  
     Et voilĂ , you have it... Or, maybe I have it!  A cruise on the Danube awaits... I must go! 

Thursday, August 27, 2009


from California with LOVE and pizza crust!!!!  BJ's Chicago Pizza in La Jolla!  The best darn pizza in San Diego!!! YEEEE HAAAAA!!!!  Frances and I went to dinner together on my second to last night n SD! Ohhhhhhh YUMMMMM!!!!!

This is for you, ALEX!!! 

re-LAX Lounge at LAX

This is the best thing at LAX... and I found it purely by chance!! It's easy to miss but if you are lucky enough to stumble upon it, it's worth it's weight in GOLD!!! I spend only $20 for 2 hours of pure bliss at LAX... It was sooo calm, peaceful and comfortable in this lounge.  I didn't even feel as though I was at the airport!!!  Free internet connection, free food and drink, spacious and roomy and most importantly... comfy chairs with a GREAT view of passing planes!!!

BON VOYAGE!!!  See ya back in France!!!! I'm outta this place!

REALLY leaving L.A. --- at L.A.X.UP

A SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to Travis for helping me to "Get out of this place."  We met at Peets in Venise in the morning and helped me return the car and then dropped me at the airport!! Thanks sooo much, T!!!!
What the heck is in all of those bags?!!


Whole Foods in Venice, California

WOW!!! CHEESE.... imported from France and all over the cheese world... EXPENSIVE!

Coffee!  Why is coffee so much better in France?
HUGE aisles

Mission Hills Nursery, San Diego

This is my ALL TIME FAV nursery! So many choices await!!! 

Windnsea Beach, La Jolla

A beach front apartment facing the ocean! Ahhhhhhh!!!!  Quelle vie!

La Jolla Mansions in Birdrock and Windnsea