Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blogblast For Peace is NOW!!!

Hi Everyone and Happy Blogblast For Peace Day!!
PLEASE ... go to Mimi's blog and learn all about this event!

I wanted to start the day with this....
I am certainly excited to be participating in this year's Blogblast For Peace. I did a big post about 6 months ago and talked about what Peace means to me! It's very important to me and has a big impact on my life. I would like to post a few pictures I found on the internet- Google search and cannot take credit for any of the pictures posted on today's post... Please enjoy them, though.. The Peace cupcakes are to be found on Crumbs and Doilies blog.
Please take some time out from your day today, even if it's just a moment, to smile at someone or to do something kind for someone! Something we should do EVERY DAY!
------------------Sat Nam, NAMASTE

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Michelle!!

My sista, Michelle is celebrating her b-day in San Diego today!!  I can't be there to share it with her, so I am sending some cyber cupcakes straight from Crumbs and Dollies cupcake store in England!  I think their cupcakes are by far the prettiest I've seen out there and I am sure their taste matches their beauty!!  So.... with all of that said... "Happy Birthday, Michelle!  And many more to come."  Love ya lots... and God bless you!!!  Love, Leesa

Waves meet rocks!

One beautiful sound is the sound of water moving through the pebbles at the shoreline.  I 

Breakfast at the Pannikan, La Jolla...

Me 'n Alex at Cafe' Italia

La Jolla

At sunset on Coronado Island