Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gary... are you reading my blog right now??

I think you are!!! If so, this is for you!

A beautiful morning in La Jolla!!

Me and Shelly on our last morning walk together in La Jolla.. at Windnsea!

Whole foods and fancy water...

I got the "chocolate mint" flavor. No sugar added, just the taste. A very interesting concept and it was good, too!

Really cute vespas in L.A. (Sherman Oaks)

Red Poppies in France....

We stopped today to take some pictures of some beautiful red poppies that are popping up everywhere at this time... Typically a wild flower here all over France, I think that someone actually scattered some seeds in this location rather than just a par hasard poppy field!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brasil by the Bay with old friends!!

It was such a delightful surprise on my last night in San Diego, the States, for that matter, to spend time with dear friends from my past days at Cafe' Sevilla!! Lynda and I made plans with Lilly and Marti... but we were soooo happy to see that there were other friends, too.. who happened to be there that same night... There's Victor, Fernanda, her cute daughter.. Maquinho et Rubinho... who was playing with the band, Samba Chops! It was a great way to end my wonderful vacation!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

24 Hour Fitness

Me, Jade and Erica.....

Me and Tiffany.........

Chez Wendy - Wendy's Beauty Salon!

If I could have spent my whole month at Wendy's, I would have!! I think out of seeing all of my friends... The gals at Wendy's were the most happy to see me, and I them!! I forgot to take pictures of them because we were so busy but I will never forget my dear friends at Wendy's!!

Killer Mexican Meal!!! Chez Les Valentine

Yummy rolled potato tacos with gauc!

At the Pannikan wih Liana/cute dogs at Mission Bay