Sunday, May 4, 2008

BJ's Chicago Pizza Place in La Jolla...

Can you believe that I have eaten at this resto since my Uni. days at UCSD?  That means: 1983!! My friends and I used to come here ALL the time when we lived in the dorms at UCSD... and when we used to go to the movies right next to the resto... I think that besides Numero Uno Pizzaria in L.A., this is my FAV. pizza place!!!!! I wish they had one in Antony!!!!  There's NOTHING like Chicago pizza!!


barbara said...

What wonderful memories for you to come back here.
That resto is definitely a "balst from the past". Looks yummy ;)

Leesa said...

I am not a huge pizza eater... but I MUST say, that their pizza is simply,
"The Best!!!!!!" -- Leese