Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just a few short months ago, I regained contact with one of my friends from the college dorms from freshman year (1983).  Sadly and very tragically, he passed away very expectedly.  Keeping with the plan that we were starting to formulate while Zook was still with us, we carried on and made plans to reunite at UCSD this summer.  It was such a wonderful experience to reconnect with former college friends, whom I hadn't seen or been in contact with since the end of our first year of university!  It was amazing!  It was a very spiritual experience, to say the least and we hope to meet again in the future, a lot sooner than in another 25 years!!

Here is the beginning of our weekend, which started back at Muir College, UCSD, La Jolla.  It was a strange feeling to walk in the same steps that I had walked for a period of 6 years and then after that.... no more, until now!  

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