Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here I am!

Hi Everyone!

Well, I think I'm finally over jet lag and accustomed to Cali time! Yea! I have been super busy since I've been here but enjoying my time. It's very different to come back to the States for a visit after living abroad for 3 years... I no longer have the connection I once had when I lived here. I feel like a visitor vs. someone who was a "local." Anyhow, it's all good!

I went to the DMV yesterday to renew my license for the next 4 years. I had a hard time explaining to the guy that my "residence" is in France and that I no longer have one in the U.S. He MADE me write a U.S. address, rather than the French one, even though there was a place for a foreign address on the form!! He wanted me to use my "friend's address" as my "legal residence" but I opted out and used my U.S. mailing address... Oh well.. I took the written test again (only 18 questions) and only missed 1! Yeah!!!

It has been overcast and about 15C in the a.m. and then it burns off and it's about 25 - 28C in the afternoon. Great! Seeing lots of friends and doing all the same things that I used to do when I lived here.... It's fun, but I love my quiet life in France more. I miss Alex, of course!

I won't have my "own" computer until around the 23 July, so I don't know if I can post any pics until then.

I hope all is well with everyone and that you are all having a great summer!
Take good care,

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