Thursday, July 10, 2008

A new arrival in France--- YAY!!!!

Okay friends and fellow bakers...
Happy is the day now... You can make MAGIC bars and other flaked coconut recipes as this new item has just recently appeared in your local supermarkets such as Atac, Monoprix and I am sure some others, as well... It can be found in the baking section.. with the pepites au chocolat and nuts... GREAT!!! If you are interested in making that deadly as sin recipe, "magic bars," now just google it.. It's very easy...

**** moist (flaked) coconut as opposed to the common dry, toasted coconut flakes you find all over France for baking! It's equivalent to Baker's Coconut.. YUMMMM!!!! Surprise your French friends with the sweeter than sweet dessert- Magic Bars!!!

Moist and tender sweetened coconut flakes... YUMMM!!!! So glad it's here! Bienvenue en France!!!
This is the one that has been here forever now... It's dry, flaked (shredded) coconut, also for baking.

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