Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to help Haiti

Everything and anything will help at this point... Helping gives us a sense of hope and unity, even when we are not there physically to provide support. I know that Haiti really needs our help, NOW more than ever before. Natural disasters of this magnitude bring strife and suffering to people, but it can also serve to unite them and make them stronger. I cannot imagine at any level what the people of Haiti are suffering which such a level of loss of friends, family and loved ones- their homes, their city, their everything. Please put yourselves in their places for a few moments, just to imagine what you would be feeling if you were there, one of them... and losing everything in just a moment' time. I can't really imagine that, I've never gone through something that horrible. But, seeing the pictures on tv and blogs makes me terribly sad and puts a whole in my heart...
I want to help, as you all want to help... but we might not know who to give our money to... because we want it to go to the people, and to insure it gets to where it needs to go.. and isn't put into someone's pocket or spent on something else.
Pedro, from Pedro's Island posted something incredible about Haiti and it's people in this disaster time and if you go to his website HERE, you will find a variety of organizations to donate money to for help... Here is the post in French... HERE
I implore you, to find it in your hearts, to offer help in any way you can.. whether it's by giving money, praying, contacting people you know who can help, going there and helping.. whatever it takes... We can all help and ease the pain/suffering if we work together!

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